Zhora, the taverner

Zhora was the manager of a humble hostel in Gludio. Although she was born into a poor family, she has worked hard to improve her life over the years. She sold her hostel in Gludio in order to buy the existing tavern in Kalanthia, it is a smaller place but she has seen in the island an opportunity to earn big coins.

She is a mother of two children and is waiting for a good time to bring them with her. Her ale may be expensive but the quality is outstanding. Some say that the gossip she hears among her clients is as good as the information that Myriel herself can offer to any adventure seeker.” […]

The intoxicating effect of drinking the honey beer sold by Zhora is rumored to grant good luck. Well, is just a rumor… or maybe not.

Lineagedos Lore

Kalanthia Tavern
Tavern interior

Drink at the tavern

Any player can drink Honey Beer in Zhora’s Tavern. The cost of each pint is 5 adenas. By drinking this spirit you will receive a debuff called drunkenness in 3 different intensity levels. Be careful, this effect will make you slow and clumsy.

To drink you only have to talk to Zhora and select “Give me a honey beer!“:

Zhora dialogue

It is not possible to drink indefinitely, once you are very drunk Zhora will not give you any more beer:

Zhora dialogue

You can find Zhora in Kalanthia Island:

Zhora location

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