Weddings in Lineagedos

Now its possible to marry your soulmate in the world of Lineagedos.

How to get married?

1. The couple has to be friends. Use the command /friendinvite (name).

2. You need to be engaged. You can do this by using command: /engage (name).

3. To formalize the wedding visit Aphrodite (NPC). Both of you have to be wearing formal wear  and 250,000,000 adena in the inventory (only one character has to have the adena).


You can get the Formal wear item by buying it at the Bodahn’s bazaar or doing quest chain: Please Make Me Formal Wear.

4. You click on “I want to marry!” and that’s all. The wedding will be announced to the whole server.

When you get married

The couple nameplate will be the same color. Depending on the type of wedding the color could be different. There are three types of weddings: Straight, Lesbian or Gay.

Each player will be given a Wedding Bow:

Wedding Bow

Each partner will receive an item called Go To Love , which will allow them to travel to the partner’s location. Using this item will cost 5000 adena every time, and a waiting time of 20 seconds.

The players close to the couple right after they get married will receive fireworks to celebrate the event.

Other features

If you want to get divorced you must use the, “divorce” command. It will cost 2,000,000 adenas.

Getting engaged with someone else while you’re still married is considered as infidelity and makes your head get bigger, you’ll get a debuff also.

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