Valten, the orphan

Little Valten was left as an orphan a few years back when his parents died during an ambush while studying the little known human tribes from the west, that is at least what can be deduced from the belongings located by the search group sent by their families since no bodies were found. Left his parents for dead, Valten was adopted by Myriel, an information trader and former student of the prominent cartographer Argem. Valten’s parents were also Argem’s disciples, and he shares with them a love for traveling and exploring the world he lives in.

Because of his young age, dangerous adventures and long distance journeys will be out of reach for a while, in the meantime he has to start somewhere. Near Giran’s square, he helps the travelers with juicy information, of course some Adenas will be needed for this kid to talk. Two things had learned from his stepmom Myriel, how to read maps and if he knows something good, never share it for free.“ […]

Lineagedos Lore

You can find Valten playing with his ball around the Giran square:

Valten dialogue
Valten's walk through Giran square
Valten location

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