Tyrion, the head of the guard

Tyrion is a life member of the Gray Rock Guild. He was born into a noble family and was given in adoption to the guild when he was 7 years old. This ancient pact was adopted centuries ago by many families that came from Kalanthia to keep their homeland free from any danger, over time, many families went to live outside the island, but the oath to offer one of their children to fulfill the duty of protecting the island was kept alive.

The Gray Rock Guild is a permanent security guard operating within Kalanthia. Tyrion is the head of the guard, and will be until his death. His position entails deep knowledge of secret and historical affairs. Only he and the council of Elders of the guild that selected him as leader of the guard have access to this type of classified information.

While Tyrion does not practice magic, he has been taught almost everything there is to know about it, the types that are out there, how to identify and fight it. Kalanthia holds many mysteries. When Tyrion was a student, he was told that the understanding of the ethereal and magical world is more important for the successful protection of the island than he realizes. This always left him wondering if all his training was really to defend the island from only pirates and criminals.

Lineagedos Lore

Tyrion is the head of the Kalanthia guard. To get off the island you can use scrolls, the housing teleport service or through Tyrion:

Tyrion dialogue

You can find Tyrion in Kalanthia Island:

Tyrion location

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