Throgg, the mad inventor

Throgg’s reputation precedes him, not as a fearsome beast, but as a genius with a penchant for the bizarre. Throgg stands out as a mastermind of strange mechanisms. His most notable creation is a flying machine, an imaginative blend of vintage charm and technological prowess, colored in vibrant red and gold. This eccentric inventor’s motivations aren’t purely scientific; his alliance with Malekith is a lucrative one. The gold he earns from attempting to annihilate warriors in the tower fuels his relentless pursuit of innovation.

But Throgg’s genius is a double-edged sword. Behind the wise, twinkling eyes of this old inventor lies a mind that’s always plotting, always creating. And while many are drawn to the unusual side of his creations, all are wary of the madness that drives Throgg, the Mad Inventor.

Lineagedos Lore

Throgg is part of the Raid Bosses of the Tower Of Infinitum special challenges. Specifically from the level 30-34 range.


Silver Coin (100%) (1-2)

Omen Beast’s Eye Earring (10%) (1)

Scroll: Enchant Armor D grade (25%) (1)

You can find Throgg in Tower Of Infinitum:

Throgg location

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