Thorgar’s Temple

Thorgar’s Temple was named after the mighty Guardian who lived there. Originally, it was a small and humble temple built by Thorgar’s family, as a friendly gift to the priests of the Old Religion. The location of the temple was on the roadside of a very transited route of the time. The priests who lived there used to aid lost and hungry travelers.

When Thorgar became priest, he decided to settle in the temple that his family had given to the organization. When Thorgar became the manager of that modest temple, his family’s influence and wealth were used to grow the temple in both size and power.

Within a couple of decades, the temple had become the largest and most important of all. Pilgrims and High Priests were traveling there daily. Thorgar became so powerful that the main headquarters of the Old Religion and its administration were moved there.

One of the most widespread myths about the temple is that the stones from which it was built had something rare and unknown about them. The mine from which the stones came from was always kept secret. When Thorgar went mad and the temple burned down, many said it was because of the evil influence of the stones on its walls.

Lineagedos Lore

Thorgar’s Temple is the final map integrated into Lineagedos. An ancient ruined temple that was once a great temple of worship. In this place there are 4 types of monsters and the raidBoss Thorgar (lv.75).

The only way to get to this place is through Deckard that you can find in Kalanthia Island temple. Only players level 70 or higher who have completed or have active the quest Chapter 11: The heart stone will be able to travel to this location.

Deckard location

The mobs found inside the Temple are really tough. With life x7. They are divided into 2 groups that help each other: the protectors and the golems.

Thorgar Servitor
Infinite Golem
Marble Protector
Granite Protector

Every mob grants a nice amount of XP and SP considering its strength. And of course they give adena (9.000~14.500).

Deep inside the temple is Thorgar, a very tough raidBoss. This is a level 75 RaidBoss, the second most hardest in the ranking of lore bosses. You will need to be in a party to be able to finish him.


Along with the quest item required to finish Chapter 11 from the lore ( Thorgar’s heart stone), by killing Thorgar you will also get adena(100%)(8.000.000-11.000.000), Green Soul Crystal Stage 12(1)(33%), Red Soul Crystal Stage 12(1)(33%) and Blue Soul Crystal 12(1)(33%).

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