Thorgar, the last guardian

“Thorgar grew up in an noble family. His destiny was to become part of the sacerdotal class of the old religion, as was done by some sons of wealthy families to increase their power. Thanks to the influence of his family, he quickly moved up through the hierarchy to become the High Guardian.

Thorgar certainly meant well in the beginning, but politics and religion drove him mad. Due a clever management and tactics, he gained a great amount of power. Many nobles and kings feared that he would one day become more powerful than them and push them away. When the Council of Elders tried to remove him and replace him for a more politically aligned Guardian, Thorgar objected and accused them of conspiracy.

He was able to persuade many of his followers that the nobles were trying to take him out in order to get their hands on the treasures of the great Temple. When Thorgar’s enemies arrived to take him and his followers out of the temple, there was a huge skirmish where the temple was set on fire and Thorgar died.”

Lineagedos Lore

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