The silver coin

The silver coin is an exclusive and very valuable coin of Lineagedos. Like the gold coins and the rest of all Lineagedos custom items, the silver coin cannot be traded, sold to other players, removed, or dropped.

What can you do with silver coins?
  • Make purchases in the Silver shop of the Adventurer’s board ( Abyss pets, Inventory expand scrolls, Warehouse expand scrolls, etc,.)
  • Buy a house in Kalanthia Island. There are 60 houses available in three different sizes, locations and prices. Buy the one that interests you the most! If you want to know more about the housing system click here:
Housing manager Kristoph dialogue
Aerial near house #6 Uppertown medium size house
Near house #6 Uppertown medium size house
Inside house #6 Uppertown medium size house
  • Exchange 100 silver coins for 1 gold coin and thus have access to every item in the Bodahn’s bazaar ( Skins, Accessories, Hairstyles, etc,.)
Bodahn's bazaar
  • Selling ​​the silver coins at NPC shops for 3000 Adena each:
  • With your silver coins you can also participate in Abyss arena. Abyss arena is an arena located in a remote place where players can test their skills in bloody 1 vs 1 combat:
Abyss Arena

To participate it is necessary to contribute 3 silver coins. The winner gets their silver coins back and will receive the loser’s 3 silver coins. To learn more about Abyss arena click here.

  • Another option is to make your gameplay profitable and exchange your silver coins for real money through our Play to earn system. To exchange silver coins for real money visit Durin:
Durin location
Durin dialogue
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You can get silver coin by:
Important notes about silver coins:
  • Its possible to exchange 100 silver coins for 1 gold coin but its not possible to exchange 1 gold coin for 100 silver coins. Is not possible to get silver coin by donation.
Bodahn exchanger
  • The silver coin is untradable but can be sold in NPC shops for 3,000 Adena each.
  • Its possible to transfer silver coins from one character to another on the same account through the NPC Warehouse Freightman.
Warehouse Freightman
  • Its not possible to move a character using the Transfer Character item from the Bodahn’s bazaar if the character has silver coins or/and gold coins in his possession.

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