Mithren, the priestess

The priestess Mithren is Naneth’s sister. She is an amazing disciple in the magic arts. Faithful to the forces of light and life, his earliest purpose were always to put his efforts in helping all beings as much as possible regardless of their race or condition. His magic skills are based primarily on increasing the physical and mental capacity of those magicians or warriors who receive his blessing.” […]

[…] “her help is not unconditional for sure. In exchange for receiving his blessing she will ask for her message to be spread to the rest of the beings of this world and bring together as many warriors and wizards as possible to face the dark forces that lurk around, cities, towns and villages in Aden.

Lineagedos Lore

Mithren is our vote NPC. It’s essential to advertise the Lineagedos project and attract more players.

You can vote from Mithren NPC by clicking on “Hopzone” and/or “L2jBrasil“. Each vote will give you a different reward:

Once you had voted, click on the “Receive Blessing” or “Receive Silver Coins” buttons and you will receive the passive skill “Mithren’s Blessing” or 5 Silver Coins.

Hopzone vote reward

During 12 hours XP, SP, Adena, Drop and Spoil qty: x1.25 + Mov. Speed cities and towns +30%

L2jBrasil vote reward

5 Silver Coins.

You can find Mithren in all starting villages, in Giran square or in Kalanthia Island:

Mithren Giran location
Mithren Kalanthia location

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