The Offline Shop and Giran Market

After the positive outcome showed in the survey we ran on whether or not to implement the Offline Shop we will explain how the shop will operate and further details in the following points:

  1. The Giran Market area is peaceful place, no combats allowed.
  2. You can travel to Giran Market from any Gatekeeper for free.
  3. In the Giran Market area the characters Artisan, Warsmith and Maestro get the buff Mana Regeneration Boost which gives them a greater speed in mana recovery.
  4. The normal shops and the Offline shops will be easily spotted in the conventional areas but the Mana Buff will only be available in the Giran Market.
  5. At Giran Harbor you can find an NPC Warehouse, Nagash, Myriel, Mithren, Anduin, Nina and Asteroth.
  6. To set up a shop the character must be at least level 10.
  7. Players may have as many offline shots as they need.
  8. To create an Offline Shop you just have to create a regular shop and then click on system  and then in Exit Game .

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