Bodahn, the merchant

“There are few places in Aden where tales about the merchant Bodahn have not been heard yet. The way he obtain such strange objects and how he is able to visit dangerous places in search of them remains a mystery. He is a trader of goods desired by many. It is common to find him in Giran after one of his journeys.

Unlike any other merchant, his intense ambition took him to far and unknown places that even among the most literate were ignored. Such places in some cases use to trade with Gold Coins instead of Adenas. For this reason, Bodahn only accepts this currency as payment. In Aden, very few people possess such currency. He will rarely accept silver coins. […]“

“In one of his trips through Rune’s territories, Bodahn discovered what he called Varbita. The Varbita is a plant whose origin is unknown and it possesses magical qualities that when mixed with certain substances, it becomes a potion that gives great benefits for weeks to whoever drinks it. This potion is known as “Bodahn’s Elixir” and can be obtained exclusively in his bazaar.

Lineagedos Lore

Merchant Bodahn is one of the most important characters in Lineagedos for three main reasons. The first one, because he is one of the most interesting characters due to the number experiences he has been through (that you will know in future publications) such stories will be explained directly or indirectly in future events. Secondlly, and more appealing to the players, because of the valuable items he owns for trading. Finally, nonetheless the most important, because he is the financing source needed to keep this project alive through his bazaar that you can found here.

You can only find it in Giran near the north access of the square.

Bodahn location

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