Bodahn, the merchant

There are few places in Aden where tales about the merchant Bodahn have not yet been heard. The way he obtains such strange objects and how he is able to visit dangerous places in search of them remains a mystery. He is a trader of goods desired by many. It is common to find him in Giran or Kalanthia after one of his journeys.

Unlike any other merchant, his intense ambition has taken him to far and unknown places that even the most literate tend to ignore. Such places in some cases trade with gold coins instead of Adenas. For this reason, Bodahn only accepts this currency as payment. In Aden, very few people possess such currency.“ […]

Lineagedos Lore

The merchant Bodahn is one of the most important characters in Lineagedos for two main reasons: the valuable items he owns for trading and most importantly, he is the financial source needed to keep this project alive through his bazaar which you can find here.

First of all, it should be known that the objects that Bodahn sells are exclusively cosmetic, class transfer or similar. In no case can they be considered advantageous or, as they are usually called, of the P2W (Pay to win) type.

In the Bodahn bazaar you can only buy with Gold Coin. To get these coins it will be necessary to make a donation through Dorin, get them at events like Illustrious Society of Treasure Hunters among others, or exchange 100 Silver Coin for 1 Gold Coin in the Bodahn exchange.

Another important thing about Bodahn Bazaar is that, like the rest of the Lineagedos custom objects, the objects that Bodahn sells cannot be tradeable, sellable or dropable.

When you speak to Bodahn, he will offer you six categories: Services, Class Transfer, Appearance, Housing, Mercenary, and finally, Exchange:

Bodahn first dialogue

In the Services category, you can find options like “Transfer Character”, “Change Name”, “Change Gender”, etc. For more information about these objects visit the Bodahn’s Bazaar:

Bodahn Services

In the Class Transfer category you will find all the first and second class items needed to transfer classes in case you don’t want to complete the original Interlude quests:

Bodahn Class transfer objects

In the Appareance category you will find all Bodahn cosmetic items: Accessories, Hair Styles and body and weapon skins:

Bodahn appareance objects

In each of these categories, you will have the option to try the item for 5 seconds before purchasing it. This way, you can see how it will suit you before spending only 10 adenas:

Bodahn Accessories objects
Bodahn's wear system

In the Housing category, you can find objects that will improve your home. You can have a pet that will always wait for you at home, a private warehouse service or a teleport service, all from your House Manager:

Bodahn housing objects

In the Mercenary category, you will be able to exchange the Mercenary Rank(X) items for Silver Coins. As you will remember these objects are obtained by killing Mercenaries. To learn more about the mercenary system visit Mercenaries:

Bodahn mercenary exchange

In the Exchange category, you will be able to exchange Silver Coins for Gold Coins:

Bodahn Exchange

You can find him only in Giran, near the northern entrance of the square, and on Kalanthia Island:

Bodahn Giran location
Bodahn Kalanthia Island

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