Squash Growing Event

This has been a well-known event for years and we have adapted it to suit our standards.

Only players of level 20 or higher will be able to participate and to receive the (pollen) item there cannot be a difference greater than 5 between your level and the monster’s level. The pollen is dropped by all the mobs and will be needed to feed the pumpkins that will later be gathered. We will explain this in more detail below.

The npc of the event is, Buzz the Cat, can be found on the island of Kalanthia. Through this cat you can get pumpkin seeds and other items related to the event.

The event will be held every 4 weekends. Like all weekend events, it will start at 07:00 on Friday and end at 07:00 on Monday server time.


Meow! Nice to meet you! I am Buzz, faithful servant of the Great Wizard Ahuron Raulian.

My teacher is one of the best wizards in Ivory Tower.

Recently, while he was with his girlfriend, he helped a bloody pixy with an injured leg.

A few days later he received a box full of pumpkin seeds!

The box was smeared with Red Fairy Dust, so it must have been sent by the grateful bloody pixy… But now the squash grown from the seed is annoying my master, asking for pollen day and night.

He doesn’t want to offend the bloody pixy by just throwing it away, and also seems to think that something good may eventualiy come from it… He has asked us, his faithful servants, to give away the Squash Seeds to whoever can get the pollen to raise them!

We have organized a squash growing event to promote his idea! Meow! You can get pollen by killing any mosnters near your level all troughout the world.

How to grow and open pumpkins

Squashs grow by drinking squash pollen! After planting a seed, if you pour the pollen on the squash, it Will grow quickly! Meow!

After drinking enough pollen, the squash Will become big. Them if you hit with a weapon, the squash Will crack open!

But, there are several things you shoud be careful about!

First of all, if you hit before it’s fully grown, it Will wilt from lack of nutrition. So be careful. Meow!

Also, since a squash has a tendency to run away, you should try to crack it open before it gets out of hand! Young squashs that are not fully grown will run off in 3 minutes and fully grown squashs will run away in a minute and 30 seconds! Meow!

Also, a large squash can’t be openened with a regular weapon! Meow! I Heard that there is a weapon called Chrono something that produces musical sounds when you hit it against something. Only when you use that, you will be able toc rack open you squash!

One last thing! Since it’s not easy to write a large pumpkin by yourself, you must find a friend who can help you open it.

Do you understand everything I’ve told you? Meow!


There are 6 types of pumpkins. Each pumpkin has a chance to deliver what we show in the following lists. Of those lists, it will only deliver a maximum of 6 items.

Low Quality Squash
High Quality Squash
King Squash
Low Quality Large Squash
High Quality Large Squash
Emperor Squash
Buzz the Cat location

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