Silver Coin and Silver Coin Chest

The Silver Coin is an exclusive coin of Lineagedos as well as the Gold Coins. The Silver Coin exist so that any player can get donation items without having to donate. We consider that playing in our server indirectly supports the community and makes it grow, therefore any regular player deserves to get these donation items.

You can get Silver Coin by:

  • Defeating monsters
  • Lore quests
  • Participating in events
  • Daily rewards
  • Voting for Lineagedos
  • Finding Silver Coin Chests
  • Fighting in Abyss Arena
  • Being mercenary
  • Killing mercenaries
  • Collecting valuable objects inside the instances

As you notice, there are many ways to get Silver Coin, you can have as many as you need. You can use them to buy valuable items from Bodahn’s Bazaar.

The Silver Coin is untradable but can be sold in NPC shops for 3,000 Adena each.

IMPORTANT: Its possible to exchange 100 silver coins for 1 Gold Coin but its not possible to exchange 1 Gold Coin for 100 Silver Coins. Is not possible to get Silver Coin by donation.

Silver Coin Chest

In relation to Silver Coin Chests, they are randomly distributed throughout the map and contain 20 silver coins each. There are a total of 100 chests spread at once all over the world.

Good luck!

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