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All content that have been created for this server do not give any kind of advantage or disadvantage related to the gameplay. Our server have a custom lore, and in order implement it correctly we will introduce new content in a regular basis. No custom item is sellable, tradable or droppable.


Lineage II: Interlude


XP: x1

SP: x1

Adena: x1

Drop: x1

Spoil: x1

Recipes Drop/Spoil: x1

Materials Drop/Spoil: x1

Party (XP, SP, Adena, Drop and Spoil qty): x1.25

Quests: x1

Seal Stones: x1

Manor: x1

Herbs: x1

Raid Boss Drop: x1

Epic Raid Boss Drop: x1

Chance Scroll normal: 55%

Chance Scroll Blessed: 60%


No DualBox (Rules)

No GMShop

No Autopickup

No Shadow Weapons seller

Class Changes by quest

Skills require Spellbooks and SP

Limit AOE 14-16 Mobs

Abyss Arena (PVP)

Mercenaries (PVP)

Daily Reward

Paid Newbie Buffs from lv 15 to 35 (Anduin)

Festive Sweeper (Sweeper Festival)

Custom Interface (interlude/Classic)

0.1% Chance drop after death (PVE & PVP)

20 Buff slots + 4 debuff slot

Parcel service (Nina)

Mithren Blessing (Vote Reward): XP, SP, Adena, Drop and Spoil qty: x1.25 + Mov. Speed cities and towns +30% + 5 Silver Coins)

GK free until second class

Skin and accessory Manager


NPC informer (Players ON LINE, PVP, PK, Clans, Castles and Bosses)

Shift+Clic to view Drop/Spoil on Monsters and Raid Bosses

Seven Signs



Captcha antiBot-DualBox


Anti DDoS protection


Live server guarantee.

Server time: GMT +1/GMT +2 (Madrid)

Daily restart: 07:00 AM

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