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All characters and objects that have been created for this server do not give any kind of advantage or disadvantage related to the gameplay. Our server have a custom lore, and in order implement it correctly we will introduce new content in a regular basis.


Lineage II: Interlude


XP: x1

SP: x1

Adena: x1

Drop: x1

Spoil: x1

Recipes Drop/Spoil: x1

Materials Drop/Spoil: x1

Party (XP, SP, Adena, Drop and Spoil qty): x1.5

Quests: x1

Seal Stones: x1

Manor: x1

Herbs: x1

Raid Boss Drop: x1

Epic Raid Boss Drop: x1

Chance Scroll normal: 55%

Chance Scroll Blessed: 60%


No GMShop

Autopickup (on/off command)

DualBox 1+1 (Rules)

No Shadow Weapons seller

Class Changes by quest

Skills require Spellbooks and SP

Abyss Arena (PVP)

Mercenaries (PVP)

Paid Newbie Buffs from lv 15 to 35 (Anduin)

Festive Sweeper (Sweeper Festival)

Custom Interface (interlude/Classic)

0.1% Chance drop after death (PVE & PVP)

20 Buff slots + 4 debuff slot

Parcel service (Nina)

Mithren Blessing (Vote Reward)(+25% de XP/SP + 2 Global shouts + Mov. Speed cities and towns +30% + 5 Silver Coins)

GK free until second class


NPC informer (Players ON LINE, PVP, PK, Clans, Castles and Bosses)

Shift+Clic to view Drop/Spoil on Monsters and Raid Bosses

Alt+Clic to remove buffs

Seven Signs



Captcha antiBot


Anti DDoS protection


Live server guarantee.

Server time: GMT +1/GMT +2 (Madrid)

Daily restart: 07:00 AM

A password will be emailed to you.