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This project is offered completely free of charge therefore the administrators and GMS do not give any guarantee and may refuse to accept or satisfy any claims. Even so, the Lineagedos team will always work in every possible way to guarantee a fun and safe game for all players.
You can direct all your questions, queries and/or problems related to the server in the corresponding section of our forums or from the contact form on our website.

Players must use only the files provided in the How to Play section to access the server.

1. Players can’t:

1.1. Use any kind of third party software (l2control, l2walker, l2ranger, l2phx, l2net, l2Wx, ACP, hLapex, Uopilot or any other), which allows to automate the game process or overcome the client’s own restrictions. This also refers to mouse and/or keyboard drivers that allow the character to perform game operations while the player is away from the PC.

1.1.1. Party with a player who is using a third-party software.

1.2. Manipulate the client-server communication.

1.3. Take advantage of server errors (including geodata defects).

1.3.1. In no way cause critical game errors for other players.

1.3.2. Failure to report an event that is obviously caused by an error in the Game.

1.4. Using in-game nicknames that contain offensive or obscene language

1.5. Use rude, violent or offensive language of any kind.

1.6. Advertise projects, services, websites or products not related to

1.7. Trade goods, characters, services or accounts within the game for real money.

1.8. Impersonate a GM or any user with special or administrator privileges.

1.9. Deliberately using tricks that may confuse, deceive and/or defraud other players.

1.10. Negatively interfering with other players’ play by, for example, restricting their access to locations or NPCs. (e.g., obstructing GKs with pets, transformations, etc.).

2. Players must:

2.1. Report any BUG to the server administration from the game chat, from our discord, from the corresponding section of the forums or from the contact section of the website.

2.2. Report through in-game chat, discord, forum or the website contact section the use of BOTS. If you have been cheated by anyone or witnessed such actions please take action and report it.

2.3. Fair play.

2.4. Respect everyone.

2.5. Report and let administrators and GMs know about players actions that violates these rules.

2.6. Use only one client per player.

3. Warnings and advice:

3.1. By giving your account to anyone you assume responsibility for anything that might happen (scam, theft, change password or email). The administration reserves the right to refuse to consider these claims.

3.2. When rules are broken actions will be taken depending on the severity or frequency of the violation.

3.3. Using BOTS or third-party software means a direct and permanent cancelation of the account and therefore any other account related to that IP/HWID as well as the accounts that belong to characters with whom suspicious transactions were made.

3.4. Violating the rule 1 player = 1 client, implies direct banning of all accounts involved to that IP/HWID.

3.5. The administration can change the rules at any time without notice.

3.6. Lack of knowledge of these rules DOES NOT exempt the users from any of the actions listed above as a consequence of misbehavior.

If you have any questions about these rules or want to submit a report regarding any rule violation please feel free to contact us at any time.

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