Nina, the parcel manager

Nina is Bodahn’s granddaughter, is known in Giran Harbor for her valuable work in safely storing travelers’ merchandise. An reliable young woman that has earned the favor of Gesto and Klump, top representatives of the Giran and Aden Warehouses.

Lineagedos Lore

Many players have shared with us their complaint about the item transfer system between their accounts. As you know, in Lineagedos only one client is possible per player so, players will not be able to pass items between accounts unless they use a NOT recommended trick which is just throwing the items to the ground, log out and log in again in the second account to pick them up.

In Lineagedos we have designed a system that solves this problem and is called Nina. through this NPC you can store the objects you want to transfer so that they can be later removed by whoever you want.

How does it work?

Go to the NPC Nina located in Giran harbor and interact with her. You’ll see that she shows two options, select “Deposit” to create your item package:

Now select “Add items to the package” and add all the items you want to put in your package. Remember to select how many item of each type you want:

⚠ IMPORTANT: Enchanted items are also allowed to be added in the packages

Now that you have all your objects in the package, click on “Generate package code” this will generate a unique code that will be use to withdraw this package later.

And now all you have to do is log in the account from you want to withdraw the package. Simply go to the same NPC, select “Withdraw” and enter the code to get the items.

Here you can find the NPC Nina:

Nina location

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