Nagash, the oracle

“Feared by those who know him. Hardly classified as a living being and an endless state of trance. He had made all kinds of hideous changes on his body. Without sight, speech or hearing, he is able to hear, see and feel more than any other being in this world.

Left to his fate by his parents because of his fragile and weak nature, he was helped by Parugon, a low rank centurion. It remains a mistery how he got those psychic powers, it is said that Pa’agrio gave them to him in return for  favor, what seems certain is that Parugon was able to sense the darkness inside that orc child, who called Nagash. […]”

“After years of service to his race as an oracle and as a counselor in hard times, he now devotes his time to meditation and helping those who need his abilities in exchange for some substance to ease their constant and horrible pain.“

Lineagedos Lore

Nagash is our information NPC. Through it you can know the status of the server: Players ON LINE, Top PK, Top PVP, Top Clan, Boss Status and Castle Status.

In exchange for consulting the server status, one “Healing Potion” is required.

He’s a highly valued character in Lineagedos. You will know more about him in some chapters of the chronicle.

You can find Nagash at the Giran Orc Guild and Kalanthia Island:

Nagash Giran location
Nagash Kalanthia location

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12 December 2020

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