Myriel, the information trader

“Myriel was one of the best students the famous cartographer Argem ever had and together, they traveled hundreds of miles around the world. She is the heir of one of Aden’s richest families, as a child, she became Argem’s apprentice and thus, she started a hard journey as student under the supervision of him with the purpose of been useful for the family somehow. Years later, thanks to her skills to create detailed and original maps, she met remarkable and powerful people. Everyone was looking to benefit from the information contained in those maps in some way.

“Motivated by an ambitious drive to succeed, Myriel set up a complex network of messengers and informants over the years. She learnt that the value of knowledge was the key and was eager to out stand from the rest in this matter. She actually likes sharing her knowledge. She is the one to ask if you need to know about events.

Lineagedos Lore

Myriel is our information NPC. She will be the one in charge to delivered the latest news about Lineagedos’s Lore in order to avoid missing important events.

You can find Myriel at Kalanthia Island. She only appears when there is an active event going on.

Myriel location

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