Morgan, the boatswain

She was rescued in the sea by Morkaris as a child after his ship was wrecked. She lost all
her family in that accident and since she had no one else in the world, she was under
Morkaris’ protection, joining him and his crew in all their journeys. Over the years she proved
to have outstanding sailing and planning skills and became the boatswain’s mate of the fleet.

Besides being like a daughter to Morkaris, she was also his trusted person. After he had
gone mad when he converted to a new religion, he tried to kill her when he could not
manage to convince her to accept the new cult.

She now makes a living selling and buying smuggled items, as well as making risky
deliveries while avoiding the security vessels patrolling the coasts. She wants revenge on
Morkaris still, all the wealth she had gained over the years has lost it, when she finds the
right people she will be happy to provide the location of his former partner.

Lineagedos Lore

You can find Morgan in Kalanthia Island:

Morgan location

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