“After a long period of relative peace and prosperity between the reigns of Aden some administrative and financial issues jeopardized the political stability of the world. Among the most significant of these problems was the absence of legitimate heir of two of the most powerful ruling houses, the Corinos family from Aden, and the Tashoro from Giran. In those days, the most of the justice and security matters were in charge of these houses, which were key pieces inside the legal and established government. Without a clear heir leading these families, the order around these reigns slowly began to break apart, and the fragile alliance between them eventually disappeared.

Around the same time, a disastrous famine caused by a long winter pushed people to commit pillaging and looting and, along with decreasing security forces keeping up the peace in the cities and settlements, a state of anarchy began to spring up. With no government protecting the people, everyone started to take charge of their own security, mainly in the most remote areas, which became lawless lands in a short time. While most villages and towns used to offer big rewards to protect their lands from bands of mercenaries who were hired to sack and left cities in ruins. A top wanted mercenary head could be worth a lot of silver coins.

Years later, any official sign of order and justice were gone. Private and self organized protection and “justice” services emerged from the void left, dozens of groups dedicated to this business populated the world. When a rumor about mercenaries ravaging an area spread for all over the reigns, those dedicated to hunting them down did not take so long to appear. It might seem like these bounty hunters were some kind of justice servers but most of the time villagers did not want them around either. Folk used to think that anyone who is crazy enough to chase a mercenary no matter how big the reward was, could surely harm them at anytime.

Whether one side or the other, its only death in exchange for riches. What lies ahead for this world is an Endless War.” […]

Lineagedos Lore

The mercenary system is an extra incentive to the common PVP side of Lineage II, Interlude. There are two groups of characters, the mercenaries, who are players seeking to eliminate other players for rewards, and the group composed for regular players who can be peaceful or can looking to kill the mercenaries, of course they also receive a nice reward from the local authorities.

Players can choose to be mercenaries and stop to being one wherever they want. This means that you are free to choose what group you want to be part of, but there are some restrictions and rules.

Being a Mercenary

To be a mercenary you must be at least level 20, meet our NPC Lazarov and select the option “I want to be a Mercenary”:


When you become a mercenary a Mercenary Rank 0 item will be sending to you. There are 6 Mercenary Ranks, from level 0 to 5. Every death caused by you will increase your rank level, it does not matter if it was through PVP or PK:

Every Mercenary Rank level you get will increase the price of your head and the no mercenary players will be more willingly to hunt you down. If you reach Mercenary Rank 5 you will be able to trade the item by 50 Silver Coins through Lazarov:


Furthermore, every kill you make will grant you a Death Certificate” item:

You can visit Lazarov and trade these items for 5 Silver Coins each:


Stop being a mercenary

To leave the mercenary way there are two options. One is visit Lazarov and select the “Stop being Mercenary“ option:


There is a restriction in this point: if you have killed a player you will have to wait 60 minutes after the death.

The second option is to be killed by another player. This will prevent you from being a mercenary again for the next 6 hours:

When you are no longer a mercenary the Mercenary Rank item will disappear from the inventory and any earned rank will be lost.

Killing Mercenaries

Any player can kill a mercenary as long as he/she has the courage to do so, needless to say there are rewards for them. A no mercenary player who kills a mercenary will receive the Mercenary Rank achieved by the mercenary:

You can trade this item by visiting Bodahn for Silver Coins:

Mercenary RankReward
Rank 015 Silver Coins
Rank 120 Silver Coins
Rank 225 Silver Coins
Rank 330 Silver Coins
Rank 435 Silver Coins
Rank 540 Silver Coins
Bodahn Exchange

Restrictions and side notes

  • Mercenaries can’t exchange items with Bodahn
  • Non-mercenaries can’t exchange items with Lazarov
  • Mercenaries do not gain karma or become PK
  • Mercenaries killer do not gain karma or become PK
  • A mercenary who kills another mercenary will increase the rank and receive a Death Certificate item but no Mercenary Rank one
  • When a mercenary joins the game Lazarov will send a reminder:
  • When a player (mercenary or not) kills another player the server will be notice:
Cases where NO Death Certificate o Mercenary Rank items will be granted:
  • Duels
  • Combat zones such as Aden’s Coliseum
  • Sieges
  • Abyss Arena
  • Members of the same clan
  • Members of the same alliance
  • Members of the same party
  • Members of the same command channel
  • There is no 8 levels between them
  • Characters with the same IP
  • Same IP/HWID with more than 1 kills in 24 hrs
  • Clan/Ally/CC relation IP/HWID
  • IP/HWID Account Control System

Silver Coin as reward

Silver Coins have great value in Lineagedos. This coin can’t be obtained through donations. 100 Silver Coins will get you a Gold Coin, the donation standard coin. By getting these coins you can buy any object from Bodahn’s Bazaar.

Advices and Warnings

  • Remember that each death is announce to the entire server, as a result, a dangerous situation can escalate quickly.
  • There is a 0.1% chance to drop a piece of your equipment (weapon, armor o jewlery) if you die in PVP or PVE, this is not the case if you are PK’ed.


It is complety forbiden to fix deaths with the solely pourpuse of farming “Death Certificate” or “Mercenary Rank“ items. In addition to the mercenary system, there are two additional security systems. One for PVP/PK control and the second for Silver Coins transactions management to avoid this kind of behavior. In any case, if a player finds a fraudulent way to farm “Death Certificate” or “Mercenary Rank” items and exploit such bug without submitting a report to our staff a permanent ban will be applied to every account linked to his IP/HWID and the transaction log will be carefully assessed to look for others players involved.

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