Lunas, the priest

[…] “During his youth he was a member of a guild called Silver Ashes dedicated to protecting the roads of the northern kingdoms. He was an important cleric of the guild until his age forced him to retire from active service. Now he passes his days in peace, making vows and prayers to the Silver Ashes’ protective deity, Gîdmól.

He is still part of the group. He took a lifetime vow to help and protect anyone in need. From the temple dedicated to Gîdmól in Dion he is always looking out for any event that may disturb the peace of the area.

Although it has been decades since he left his great hammer of justice, the wisdom and knowledge he acquired throughout his life are well used by important characters in Dion. In the meantime, he is a mentor to some new members of the order.

Lineagedos Lore

You can find Lunas in Town of Dion:

Lunas location

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