The lost pirate chest

The Lost pirate chest is a very rare item, very difficult to find, randomly distributed throughout the map. There are a total of 5 chests spread at once all over the world. Like items like silver coin chest, silver coin or Bodahn’s elixir, etc., Lost pirate chest is one of the custom items that encourage farming and exploring the map, making the gameplay more enjoyable.

Lost pirate chest

These chests may contain:

· Sure (100%):

100k – 180k adena

· Average probability (-30%):

1x Scroll +50% of XP/SP for 2 hours or 1x Gold coin.

· Low probability (-10%):

Pirate eye patch accessory or Pirate hat accessory.

· Very low probability (-1%):

Homunkulu’s Sword, Eminence Bow, Crystal Dagger, Great Pata, Yaksa Mace, Katana, Orcish Poleaxe, Berserker Blade, Deadman’s Staff or Cursed Dagger.

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