Lost pirate chest

We introduce you our new item “Lost pirate chest”. You can get this chest at Bodahn’s Bazaar in exchange for 50  Silver Coin.

As you know, the Silver Coin is a drop item. All mobs have a chance of dropping it. You can also get this coin by lore quests, events, daily rewards, voting or by finding Silver Coin Chests. This item cannot be obtained by donation.

Bodahn has brought these chests from distant and dangerous lands, they may contain:


100k – 180k adena

Average probability:

Scroll +50% of XP/SP for 2 hours

1x Gold Coin

Low probability:

Pirate Eye Patch Accessory

Pirate Hat Accessory

Very low probability:

Homunkulu’s Sword

Eminence Bow

Crystal Dagger

Great Pata

Yaksa Mace


Orcish Poleaxe

Berserker Blade

Deadman’s Staff

Cursed Dagger

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