Lazarov, the plague

It is said, yet not confirmed, that he is the heir of an old family of landowners. After having gotten the best education the money can buy and a carefree life, one day, in a burst of anger due to disagreements over his inheritance, which he thought it was ridiculously small, he tried to burn his family alive while they were sleeping that same night. They barely survive, and the heir fled the crime scene to an unknown destination. Lazarov has never accepted or denied such story.

What is certain is, that he joined back in past one of the many mercenary guilds whom are hired by nobles and chieftains to help them in their battles. Imbued with an ambitious soul, one day he conceived a plot to overthrow the lord who had hired him and take his throne for himself. However, upon discovering that Lazarov had planned such betrayal, he was captured while attempting to escape, of all conspirators, he was the only one who was able to scape before the execution.

Finally, pursued like an animal, he realized that the only way to stop running away was to fight back those who were looking for him. As the time passed by, his hunting and preying skills were developed, and combined his mad desire for gold and power, made the contract killings a well paid business.

His well deserved nickname was earned when time ago, he ingeniously poisoned an entire soldier regiment during several days. Seeing how dozens of they fellowmen were falling ill and dying for no reason, the entire army fled the battlefield thinking that a vicious plague had spread throughout the camp.

His time of glory has faded away, but he keeps control of the mercenaries low world, now as an intermediary. Anybody who shows they have got talent as hitman can certainly visit him to get a generous reward.” […]

Lineagedos Lore

Lazarov is our mercenary manager NPC. For more information about Lazarov and mercenaries visit Mercenaries.

Main dialogue

You can find Lazarov at these locations:

Giran Harbor
Kalanthia Island

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