Krell, the reptilian overlord

Born into a fierce reptilian warrior race, Krell’s prowess in battle was unparalleled. However, destiny’s winds blew harshly upon him. Captured during a fierce skirmish, he was sold into slavery, passed from one master to another, each seeking to harness his raw power for their own gains.

The chains of bondage could not suppress Krell’s indomitable spirit. Over time, his reputation grew, drawing the attention of Malekith, the twisted lord with a penchant for dark entertainments. Seeing potential in the reptilian warrior, Malekith offered Krell a place in his grand spectacle, where fighters battled for both glory and survival.

But Krell was no mere pawn in a game. Within this dark arena, he reclaimed his status, not as a slave, but as a feared and respected adversary. Those who dared to challenge him soon learned of his legendary might and the depths of his resolve.

Now known as “The Reptilian Overlord”, Krell awaits those brave or foolish enough to confront the might of the Reptilian Overlord himself.

Lineagedos Lore

Krell is part of the Raid Bosses of the Tower Of Infinitum special challenges. Specifically from the level 35-39 range.


Silver Coin (100%) (1-2)

Necklace Of Darknees (10%) (1)

Scroll: Enchant Weapon D grade (25%) (1)

Throgg location

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