Kemmler, the chainlord

Deep within the Tower of Infinitum, on a floor forgotten by many, dwells Kemmler, the Chainlord. His impressive figure, wielding chains with authority, symbolizes his dominion and control over those who dare challenge him. His presence in the tower is the result of a dark pact with Malekith. Seeking an adversary that could provide a truly terrifying spectacle for the gamblers, Malekith released Kemmler from his eternal prison in the depths of the underworld.

Kemmler, once a warrior of great renown, was betrayed and condemned to a fate worse than death. Transformed into a demon by dark forces, his bloodied and disheveled face bears witness to his torment and suffering. In exchange for souls and power, Kemmler agreed to be one of the Malekith’s champions in the tower, confronting any challenger with his spiky weapon, a weapon as deadly as its bearer.

Lineagedos Lore

Kemmler is part of the Raid Bosses of the Tower Of Infinitum special challenges. Specifically from the level 40-44 range.


Silver Coin (100%) (1-3)

Earring Of Protection (10%) (1)

Scroll: Enchant Armor C grade (25%) (1)

Kemmler location

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