Juliana, the herbalist

“Juliana’s life begins in a sad way. Her parents died when she was a baby, leaving her in charge of her grandmother, an experienced herbalist. His grandmother’s job was to wander from town to town selling herbal cures mixed with a very basic form of magic that she learned along her travels.

Juliana learned a lot from her grandmother and became good friends with the wood elves, from whom they used to buy rare plants and excellent recipes to prepare new medicines.

The wood elves saw great talent in her and convinced both to stay with them so they could train her further in highly sophisticated magical arts. It is said that Juliana’s power evolved in such a way that, with the approval of her elven tutors, she was able to extend her elderly grandmother’s life beyond the normal.

When her mentors had no more to teach her, she was sent to finish her apprenticeship with Anduin, but even he ended up learning a few things from her. Since that day, the two of them have become very close partners.”

Lineagedos Lore

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