Interlude Event: Squash Farming II

The event will begin on April 9th 2021 at 04:00 GMT+2 and it will end on April 12th 2021 at 04:00 GMT+2. Only level 20+ players will be able to participate and, in order to receive by drop the event item (pollen) there should not be a level difference greater than 5 between the player and the monster.

Buzz the Cat is the event NPC and you can find him at Giran Harbor:

Buzz the cat location

All the information next:

Background Story

Miau! Nice to meet you! I’m Buzz, faithful servant of the Great Wizard Ahuron Raulian. My master is one of the greatest wizards in Ivory Tower.

Recently, while he was with his girlfriend, he helped to cure a Bloody Pixy’s injured leg. Days after, he received a box full of squash seeds!

The box had red fairy dust all around, so it must be sent by the grateful Bloody Pixy. Now, the squashes growing from the seeds are just starting to bother my master, asking for pollen all day.

He does not want to offend the Bloody Pixy by throwing the squashes away, besides, he thinks that something interesting could come out of them someday. He has asked us, their faithful servants, to get the seeds and gather some pollen to cultivate and feed the squashes.

We had organized this squash growing event to spread his idea! Miau! You can loot pollen by killing any monster with a similar level than your around the world.

How to grow and open the squashes

The squashes grow by drinking squash pollen! After planting a seed, if you pour some pollen over the squash, it will grow quickly. Miau!

After drinking enough pollen, the squash will get bigger. If you hit them with a weapon, they will open! But, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

First, the squashes will die if you hit them before they had finished their growing. Be careful. Miau!

In addition, because a squash tends to disappear, you need to open them  before things got completely out of control! The young squashes that are not fully mature will disappear in 3 minutes and fully developed squashes will disappear after 1 minute and 30 seconds! Miau!

Furthermore, a big squash can not be opened with a normal weapon! Meows! I have heard there is a weapon named Chrono, an item that creates musical sounds when it hits something. The squashes can only be opened using this item!

One last thing! Opening a big squash is not easy, so, you must find a friend that can help you.

Types of Squashes and possible rewards

Low quality squash

High quality squash

King squash

Low Quality Large Squash

High Quality Large Squash

Emperor Squash

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