How to play

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1.  Register and read the server rules

It is important for the community that all players knows the rules

new player

2. Once registered on the website, create your game account/s

Never share your account password

3. Once your game accounts are created, you will be able to see the stats of each character

You can also change the password of the accounts

your profile

4. This is the most important step. Download those two files. One is the game, the other is our patch

You can use Winrar or 7zip to unzip the files. Then, once unzipped, paste the patch files into the root folder of the game

5. Open the Lineage II root folder and run “Lineagedos.exe” file

Wait for the files to be downloaded and then click  on “Start


6. Once opened, enter the details of the account you used in step 2

Make sure to remember your username and password so you can log in again!

RECOMMENDATION: Download and install Leatrix Latency Fix with this simple program in order to reduce the latency of online games by increasing the frequency of TCP acknowledgements sent to the game server, lowering the ping time and making the game run smoother.

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