Gorfang, the shadow seller

“In his youth, he saved from drowning an old and wanderer shaman, putting his own life in risk. In the course of the following years they became close friends. Being in debt to Gorfang and seeing the end of his days close, the shaman decided to teach him the mysterious magic of the dark clay.

The bottom of that hot spring where years ago the shaman almost die, is full of large deposits of a special clay imbued with natural energies that sprout from the center of the earth. The odd attribute of this clay is that, by giving it the correct shape and pronouncing the right words, you can create an exact and temporary copy of any object that the conjurer has touched in the past. After a while, the object disappears leaving behind a cloud of dust. By possessing and mastering this nature knowledge, Gorfang immediately became an important and respected fellow in his clan.[…]

In wartime, he provides astonishing equipment to his comrades and during peace time, he travels around the world serving as armor and weapon crafter to those who are willing to pay some Adena for an amazing “shadow” item.[…]

Lineagedos Lore

Gorfang is a key character in Endless War server (he doesn’t exist in Lineagedos). His mission is to provide players with a minimum quality standard equipment through a variety of “shadow” type weapons and armor.

One of the Endless War basic rules is the mercenary system. This unique feature provides a substantial increase in PVP and PK activity due to Silver Coins revenue by defeating other players. Wearing a fair standard equipment to fight these thugs is essential, which is why Gorfang offers his services.

Main menu
Price list
Weapon D9017.914a
Weapon C30098.315a
Weapon B300137.525a
Part Armor D60016.115a
Part Armor C60025.680a
Part Armor B60056.315a
Gorfang prices
Shadow items features
  • These are temporary use items. (90, 300 or 600 min.)
  • They cannot be enchanted
  • They cannot have special abilities
  • They have not individual or set bonus
  • Life Stones cannot be added to them
  • They cannot be dropped
  • They cannot be crystallized

You can find Gorfang at these locations:

Giran Harbor


1 April 2021
Excelente! es como las cosas common en gracia final pero solo hasta grado B. ayudará al leveo incial (Y)
1 April 2021
I hope it will only be on x3
1 April 2021
Hello Sukhoi, Yes, x3 only. its a Enldess War Character.

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