Gloin, the warehouse keeper

Gloin is a burly dwarf with a thick beard and scars that tell his story. Born into a dwarf family settled in the city of Giran, Gloin was raised by a family devoted to protecting and securing their lands. His father was a guardian of the city’s vaults, and his mother was a master in crafting locks and security systems. From a young age, Gloin learned the art of keeping the treasures and secrets of his people safe.

Now, Gloin puts his talents to work for any adventurer and their clan, offering a secure place to store their valuable items. His vast knowledge of security and protection ensures that no item is stolen or lost.

Lineagedos Lore

Gloin is the warehouse keeper of Kalanthia island. Their services are similar to any other warehouse keeper.

Gloin dialogue
Gloin location

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