Galrauch, the unbeatable

“Galrauch was the son of a common blacksmith of one of the flame orc clans. Nothing special was expected of him. His destiny would be to either become a blacksmith like his father or enroll in the clan military and join the rest of his comrades in doing warfare against other clans or raiding rich settlements.

Due to his lack of discipline and obedience he was forced to serve as a pawn of the clan, a semi-slavery role and the bottom of the hierarchy where an orc could be. When he refused, he escaped and was considered a deserter by the chieftain.

Galrauch had to wander and survive without help. One day, at midnight, a blazing fire fell from the sky. As he approached the crash site, he found an object surrounded by flames in the middle of the crater. He tried to put out the flames but no matter how hard he tried it was impossible, that object seemed to burn all the time.

As his race is immune to fire, he was able to take it, and in doing so he noticed that all his capabilities were enhanced. Believing himself unbeatable, his first thought was to return to his home and take revenge. In an instant he wiped out his former clan chief and crowned himself as the new commander.”

Lineagedos Lore

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