Galrauch Den

“Galrauch Den is the major settlement of the flame orc clan commanded by Galrauch. The place is an elaborate underworld citadel. Full of corridors and tunnels. The flame orcs were not the first residents of this place. In the past it was built and planned by an unknown dwarven tribe. When orcs arrived, they remodeled some features of its architecture.

The location’s caves provide a pleasant environment for the flame orcs. Being close to a volcano the heat of the flowing molten rock keeps the site at an uncomfortable temperature for any other race. Perhaps that was the main reason behind the desertion of the site by their former citizens.”

Lineagedos Lore

Galrauch Den is the next of the new maps integrated into Lineagedos. A hidden place in the depths of the world where lava, fire and flames fill every corner. In this place there are 4 types of monsters called flame orcs and the raidBoss Galrauch (lv.65).

The only way to get to this place is through the Galrauch Entry that you can find on Kalanthia Island. Only players level 60 or higher who have completed or have active the quest Chapter 9: Through the flames will be able to travel to this location.

Galrauch Entry
Galrauch Entry location

The Flames Orc race is very different from other orcs. These beings are much more resistant, strong and fast. They are all aggressive, help each other and have x6 life.

Flames Orc Soldier
Flames Orc Berserker
Flames Orc Litenant
Flames Orc Captain

Every mob grants a nice amount of XP and SP considering its strength. And of course they give adena (5.500~8.000).

In addition to the drop and experience that these mobs give, killing them is part of a secondary lore quest called Bugman Vengeance that will be given to you by Bugman, the drunk from the tavern.

Bugman Vengeance (Lv.60)
  1. To start the quest you must talk to Bugman in Kalanthia’s tavern:


Hi, I was just thinking about you, and here you are.

I must confess something to you, adventurer. I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive those creatures, more than that, I really want to make them suffer, like my brother did.

Can you see this heavy bag, this is what 200 Silver Coins look like, slay at least 200 Flames Orcs and this bag will be yours. Take this job and do the world a favor.

2. Kill Flames Orcs, get 200 Flame’s Orc Medal and give them to Bugman.


My eyes must be deceiving me, you came back in one piece. An impressive feat indeed. If I knew it would be so easy for you I would have asked you to wipe out another 200.

But a deal is a deal, I won’t be the first dwarf to break a business contract. Spend it wisely.

Quest reward: 200 Silver Coins.

Now let’s talk about the most important thing about this place: Galrauch. This is a level 65 RaidBoss, the third most hardest in the ranking of lore bosses. You will need to be in a party to be able to finish him.


Along with the quest item required to finish Chapter 9 from the lore ( Galrauch Flame), by killing Galrauch you will also get adena(100%)(5.000.000-7.000.000) and Galrauch’s Key(10%)(1).

Behind Galrauch, up some steps is Galrauch’s Chest. This chest can only be opened with Galrauch’s Key. This key can only be obtained as a drop from Galrauch:

Galrauch's Chest

By opening the chest you could get:

Top Grade Life Stone lv. 67(1)(50%), Mid-Grade Life Stone lv. 67 (1)(50%), Green Soul Crystal Stage 11(1)(33%), Red Soul Crystal Stage 11(1)(33%) and Blue Soul Crystal 11(1)(33%).

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