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    Dear players,

    We are only one day away from the opening of the server and the amount of registered players has not reached the minimum number of players for this new start. Unfortunately we are forced to reschedule the opening of the server while waiting for a higher number of registered players.

    The opening will be next January 20, 2023 at 20:00 GMT +1. We hope enough interest from the Lineage II community to bring Lineagedos back to life.

    Server features: Features

    Donations: Bodahn’s Bazaar

    To register for the opening and get the founder prizes, register on the main page here: Register Clan or Player

    If you plan to play please register and tell your friends to register too so we can reach the minimum number of players.

    Thanks to all.

    We read soon 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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