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Server opening postponed indefinitely

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    Hello everybody.

    As we announced in our last statement about the opening date of the server, one of the conditions was to get a minimum number of registered users. We regret to announce that we have not reached enough registered players and therefore the opening date scheduled for June 30 is cancelled.

    Under these circumstances, we have taken the decision to not set a new opening date but to delay indefinitely the opening of the server. It has been a tough decision, but we cannot start the world of Lineagedos without ensuring its viability. Not only because of the required investment of capital and human resources, but also because we don’t want our players to be involved in a project that may be compromised in the short term, risking the loss of all those hours of gameplay.

    The Lineagedos team will continue working, adding content, improving existing features, and addressing any issues identified. We will keep sharing information on social media platforms as we have been doing and will try to promote the project using the means available to us.

    Player registration will remain open for all those who desire to join the new world of Lineagedos. This registration will be essential for considering the opening.

    We would like to express our gratitude to everyone, especially those who have always supported Lineagedos and those who have helped us improve the project, such as Krounic, AlexM, Anghara, ShilenTemplar, IronGuns87, etc. We cannot mention everyone as the list would be extensive, but we sincerely appreciate all of you.

    We are leaving the registration link for the gaming community so that those who haven’t registered yet can do so, or you can share the link on social media.

    Players and Clans registration:

    Best regards.

    We’ll keep in touch.

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    Habían ganas de comenzar ya… no me interesa otro server… Pero puede que sea lo mejor no se, para mi no xD

    Si esto va a servir para un futuro server más fuerte perfecto.

    Tenéis que hacer más publicidad… en cuanto a contenido no conozco ningún server mejor pero la publi hace mucho.

    A esperar xD

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    También lo esperé para el 30/06, una lastima.

    Quizás dejar abierto un beta mode para que la gente nueva que escucha de Lineagedos, no solo sea por la pagina web e imágenes, sino experimentando ingame cada detalle.


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    Hola Zauss

    Nosotros también creemos que es para mejor posponer la apertura del server. Tenemos ciertas condiciones claras que deben cumplirse para que suceda.

    Todos mas o menos conocemos el tema de todos esos servidores de l2 que abren y cierran en un par de meses. Suele ser por no tener una estrategia definida o plan. Nosotros si tenemos un plan, queremos apegarnos a el y darle un inicio solido al proyecto. Por eso pedimos un poco de paciencia para hacer las cosas bien.


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    Hola IronGuns.

    Lo del beta mode podría considerarse. Vamos a mejorar la estrategia para alcanzar el numero de jugadores registrados y vamos a tener en cuenta todos los comentarios.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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