Festive sweeper skill

We added to the project something in high demand by the Interlude Chronicle gaming community: the Festive sweeper or Sweeper festival skill.

As you already know, there is in Interlude the Festival spoil skill which let us to cast spoil to every mob in a range. Instead, the Sweep (skill: Sweeper) allow us to target mobs one by one only. This makes the use of Sweep a tedious work sometimes. Even lose some of the drops due to a lack of time.

The Festive Sweeper skill is already a part of the Scavenger’s skills tree in Lineagedos. With this skill, you can Sweep every mob around you at same time.

You will be able to learn this skill at level 28:

Skill description
Skill trainer

The skill has a 12MP cost and affects all mobs up to a 200 range.

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16 September 2023
Implementación interesante, ayudara mucho

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