Emma, the gatekeeper

Emma settled in Kalanthia like many others did, looking for an opportunity to improve their lives. In her home town, she was already known for being a successful businesswoman, her small store where she sold all kinds of beautiful things made of glass was well known in the nearby area.

Watching her father work every day as a blacksmith, she quickly learned the patience needed to become a skilled artisan. However, she chose to work with glass to transform it into both useful and decorative items, and everything she sold in her store was made by her own hands.

With time, she began to grow weary in her own town and felt somewhat frustrated for never having ventured out and not knowing the great cities of the world. Her opportunity came when a pair of merchants decided to organize a caravan to Kalanthia in search of new markets. She didn’t think twice and gathered all that she could and joined them.

As soon as she arrived in Kalanthia, she knew it would be difficult for her to return home again. A few months after she arrived, she became friends with a magician who was a master in the creation of magic crystals. It was not difficult for her to learn the technical details of crystal making, in most ways it was quite similar to producing glass. The hardest part is to imbue magic into them.

Emma says that her crystals are «portable magic for non-magicians». Her joyful way of seeing the world and her business mindset have made her well known and successful in Kalanthia. She can be seen around Kalanthia helping anyone who wishes to teleport long distances safely.” […]

Lineagedos Lore

From Emma you can travel anywhere on the island of Kalanthia without restrictions:

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Emma location

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