Durin, the manager of silver coins

According to a local innkeeper, there was a traveler named Durin who arrived at his hostel after a long day on the road. Durin was a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and he loved to talk about how other beings were secretly controlling our lives.

As the night went on and the drinks kept flowing, Durin’s theories became more and more exotic, so to speak. He talked about how some kind of giants were actually the ones in charge, and how they had been manipulating our destinies for centuries.

«Have you ever had this strange feeling that we’re not really in control of our own lives? Like there’s some all-powerful being controlling our every move?» – that’s what Durin said, says the innkeeper.

At first, the other travelers didn’t take Durin’s theories seriously, but as the night wore on and the drinks continued to flow, they all started to laugh and joke about the idea of giants secretly controlling their lives.

Durin kept on babbling about how he could talk to these invisible giants and how, for just a few measly silver coins, he could keep them happy. According to him, anyone who trusted him would live a long life full of adventure, fame, and all sorts of lovely items.” […]

Well, what started as a drunken argument has turned into a tradition. Many adventurers now blindly give Durin their silver coins in exchange for good luck and the blessing of the giants. Who needs rational decision-making when you can trust in the ramblings of a drunkard?” […]

Lineagedos Lore

Play to earn (P2E)

As many of you may know, or at least many of you, Play to earn or P2E is a gaming mode that offers players the opportunity to earn real money in exchange for in-game items, quests, achievements, and so on. For many players, this is a very interesting feature since, in addition to playing and having fun, you also earn additional income.

At Lineagedos, we have decided to implement a P2E system but with some differences, with the aim of encouraging player participation in massive events and PVP, as well as promoting cooperation between players.

How will P2E encourage event participation, pvp and cooperation?

In Lineagedos there is a currency called silver coin. It is a non-tradeable, non-saleable and non-dropable item and is obtained exclusively during gameplay. Its a highly valuable currency as it can be used to make purchases in the Silver shop of the Adventurer’s board ( Abyss pets, Inventory expand scrolls, Warehouse expand scrolls, etc,.), to buy a house in Kalanthia Island and most important, its possible to exchange 100 silver coins for 1 gold coin and thus have access to every item in the Bodahn’s bazaar ( Skins, Accessories, Hairstyles, etc,.).

Bodahn exchanger

Now that you know what you can do with silver coins, and that they are really valuable, here you can see all the ways to get them and then only the ways that involve more than one player:

  • Defeating Boss mobs
  • Completing lore quests
  • Participating in events (Letter Collector, Silver Coin Hunt, Squash Growing, etc,.)
  • Getting achievements
  • Fighting in Abyss arena
  • Playing as a mercenary
  • Killing mercenaries
  • Doing instances (Morkaris chasm, Mordrek hole, Thorgar temple and Galrauch den)
  • Participating in Ethernal Siege
  • Participating in Abyss Rift
  • Participating in Kalanthia’s Strider Racing

As you may have seen, many of the methods to get silver coins are in events or other activities that require more than one player.

Well, this currency will be the one that can be exchanged for real money, giving it even more value and therefore indirectly encouraging participation in events, pvp and cooperation.

How will funds for P2E be collected?

Lineagedos is a non-profit project and is not nor will be a company. But there are costs at the end of the day. Like any project it must be feasible and have enough capital to cover its costs and for future improvements. Considering these issues, we have set up the P2E system in this way: for each donation made, 20% will be saved for taxes, fees, PayPal commissions, etc., and 30% will go to the P2E fund.

The system will process the donations automatically, without human intervention. If a player donates 10€, 3€ will be automatically transferred to the P2E fund. The amount available is at any moment visible through our NPC Durin.

How to withdraw money?

To withdraw real money, go to Durin, the silver coin manager that you will find inside Kalanthia Council:

Kalanthia council
Durin location

In the first dialog select “Exchage Silver Coin”:

Durin dialogue

It will take you to the next step in which you will be able to enter the amount you want to withdraw and you will be able to see the total amount available in the P2E fund:

Durin dialogue

Once you have selected the amount, enter your PayPal id. correctly for example: @lineagedos or linegedos@lineagedos.com:

Durin dialogue
P2E warning

If the accounts do not match, the system will inform you of an error:

P2E announcement

If the requested quantity is not available, the P2E system will report:

P2E announcement

If everything works correctly, the P2E system will report:

P2E transaction done

Once the request is received you will receive the money (after taxes, commissions and fees) in your PayPal account in a few days.

Conditions, commissions and fees

To request real money withdrawals you must be over 18 years and hold a verified and activated PayPal account to be able to receive money. Each country has specific conditions. Please, before requesting a withdrawal read the following information about Sending and receiving payments: PayPal payments.

According to the amount to be withdrawn and the destination country, or if you wish to convert to another currency, fees will be applied, as specified in the following link: PayPal fees.

In case the account does not allow receiving payments or the ID specified in Durin is not correct, the full amount of silver coins will be refunded.

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