Foreword: Discover Kalanthia Island

Discover Kalanthia Island (lv.15)

“Kalanthia was until a couple of hundred years ago an island of low interest. The only significant thing there were flocks of sheep and shepherds who made that place their home a long time ago. When the pirate attacks intensified in the last century, the island was used as a place for the corsairs to gather and defend themselves. Captured by the land forces and having banished the pirates back to their place of origin, a new secure settlement was born.

Being its only access by sea, only some people with the suitable resources were able to settle on the island. Since the only access to the island was by sea, only certain people with the appropriate resources were able to settle on the island. A small community of powerful merchants prospered on the island. As their reputation and power grew, other important people continued to settle.

Artisans who visits Kalanthia will immediately feel the inspiration to work and create amazing things in record time.” […]

Lineagedos Lore

Kalanthia Island Map

1. Valten have something to tell you.


** Valten inspects you with curiosity **

So you want to go to Kalanthia. It seems to me that you have what it takes to explore those lands. I would like to go too, I know everything about that island but I am not big and strong enough to go. Anyway, you need something that only Galadriel can give you, a Kalanthia Pass, go to her and ask for it. She is usually at Giran’s Warehouse.”

2. Galadriel have something to tell you.


Congratulations, you have reached level 15! As a reward for your perseverance and courage, you have the opportunity to visit a special place, the island of Kalanthia. You are one of the lucky few in this world who have been given access to Kalanthia. There you will meet other people who take things as seriously as you do. Do you need unique items? Just bring with you the necessary Adena and you are sure to find to your taste. Want to talk about old feats and dangerous journeys with other adventurers, you will find someone there for sure.

Before giving you the passport you need to know that breaking the rules of island means the revocation of the Kalanthia Pass permanently. If you agree with what I just said, accept this pass, go back and talk to Valten, he will explain you how to get to the island, once there, you will receive more information for you to be able to travel freely in Kalanthia.

3. Valten have something to tell you.


Hi again! So you decided to visit the island, well, I’m sure you’re going to like it. Now, let’s talk business, I’d be happy to show you the way for free, but I have my own expenses, you know? How about if in exchange for a few coins we close the deal?

Thank you! Traveling to Kalanthia is very easy. You can do it from any Gatekeeper for free. For this first time, go to Clarissa and select “Move to Kalanthia Island (Free of Charge)”.

Once in Kalanthia, talk to Tyrion. Watch out for him, he’s grumpy.

Good luck.

4. Go to Gatekeeper Clarissa, travel to Kalanthia Island and there talk to Gatekeeper Tyrion.


First of all, welcome. You will soon discover that this small island is very valuable. For that reason safety and civility is essential in this community. There are three fundamental rules:

1. Be civic-minded towards others.

2. Do not place shops in areas where you could block the path of other people.

3. If you drink in the inn, do not smash anything.

If you violate the rules, your Kalanthia Island Pass will be withdrawn and you will not be able to return to the island.

On this island there are very important people that you should know. There are others that are not to my liking but you also need to know. Get to know them and now then come back to see me.

5. Talk to: Mithren, Galadriel, Dorin, Bodahn, Myriel, Nagash, Asteroth, Anduin, Nina, Lazarov, Arconte and finally, with Tyrion.


Excellent! You are back! Well done, you have finished your tasks, it only remains for me to give you the Kalanthia Bracelet. It is a symbol of union of the entire community.

I remind you for the last time that you follow the rules. There will be no second chances. Welcome citizen of Kalanthia.”


Kalanthia’s Bracelet (P.Def +20 M.Def +20)


  • Throughout the Kalanthia region, artisan dwarves enjoy the Kalanthia Island Inspiration buff that grants faster mana regeneration.
  • Only in Kalanthia Harbor its possible to fish.

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