Deckard, the high priest

“When Deckard joined the priesthood of the temple of Kalanthia in his youth, he soon discovered that reading books and meditating did not fit his anxious heart. He asked to be removed from his order but having sworn to defend the light and the peace for life, the only choice he had was to join the military branch of his order and fight on the battlefield against all darkness.

He felt comfortable wielding his shield and sword. He had a powerful presence that inspired great confidence among his comrades and a strong leadership ability.

Having served 25 years and after many battles he felt it was time to retire. He returned as a priest a second time, now he needed the peace and quiet that years ago he had found so boring. Unlike the other priests who are with him, his hands-on experience outside the walls of the temple has given him great wisdom. He knows well the problems that trouble the world and how to attack them with intelligence and patience, a skill he shares with pleasure with anyone who wants to help and is willing to talk to Deckard by visiting him in the temple of Kalanthia.”

Lineagedos Lore

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