Cursed Weapons: Zariche and Akamanah

Zariche and Akamanah swords are demoniac weapons of great power that dropped randomly in the world when killing any mob. Only one of both can exist at a time and when it appears there will be an earthquake and the sky will change to a blood-like reddish color.

When one of these weapons is dropped by a mob, it falls to the ground and announces itself to the whole server. At that moment, any player can know its location by looking the map:

Cursed Weapon

The markers on the map are:

-> Demonic Sword Zariche

-> Blood Sword Akamanah

When a player takes one of these swords his stats are changed, increasing his power considerably. If he is in a party he will leave the group, he will automatically PK at maximum karma and get his CP/MP and HP back. He will have two new skills exclusive to these weapons(Void Flow and Void Burst).

The power of the sword will increase as other players are killed up to a maximum of 10 levels.

The time a player can equipped this weapon is 24 hours in game time (300 minutes). This time may be different depending on the kills he had done. After the life time, the sword disappears.

Once one of these weapons is equipped, the player will not be able to get rid of it, throw it on the floor, store it in the Warehouse, crystallize it, etc. If you want to get rid of it, the only alternative is to let yourself be killed or wait for it to disappear.

When the wielder dies the weapon could be dropped or vanish.

Important notes

– It is not possible to attack players below level 20.
– You can only drop the sword if you die.
– It is not possible to participate in Olympics.
– It is not possible to use teleports but SOE.
– It is not possible to receive buffs but you can give your own.
– You can summon pets and summons but you cannot use mounts.
– If you kill other players the power of the sword increases but its life time decreases.

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