Creg Rufin, the founder

“Creg is a founding member of the Illustrious Society of Treasure Hunters. An old organization managed by archaeologists, historians and librarians whose goal is to find any treasure scattered around the world that has been forgotten in some old books and folk’s memories.

Creg’s family used to run a pawnshop. As a child he had the chance to look at hundreds of artifacts and rare objects. From that moment on he developed a passion for all kinds of lost and forgotten items waiting to be found. In his youth, along with some friends who shared his interest in treasure hunting, he founded the illustrious society.

He is currently roaming the world looking for new recruits willing to take risks to recover lost treasures. Any interested person will be gladly assisted by Creg with fresh information and clues on possible locations to explore.”

Lineagedos Lore

Creg location

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