Chapter 9: Through the flames

Through the flames (lv.60+)

1. Find Myriel in Kalanthia Island.


Hello dear friend. Here we are again, trying to change things for the better, aren’t we? Once again, I need your help.

I need you to go to Anduin, he apparently has some promising news, I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, but you should be prepared to get some action.”

2. Go to Anduin in Kalanthia Island.


“Hello adventurer. Excellent! I have been looking for you.

I have some exciting news. It seems that fortune smiles on us and some events just happened to cross our path. As you know, Myriel has an active network of informers spread all over the region. Some of them, also inform directly to me about certain things.

It seems that in the tavern there is a dwarf who has been drinking all day long. He seems to be overwhelmed by a great sadness and a couple of interesting words were heard in his sobs … “Galrauch” and “brother”. I’ve asked the tavern owner to keep him there as long as possible and not to let anyone come near him to speak to him.

Galrauch is the name of a not well known Flame Orc chieftain. This beast lives with its kind in a place whose location is unknown. This orc race usually lives in underground realms. This orc named Galrauch is famous, according to the chronicles, for owning a peculiar item, the “Galrauch Flame”.

It is said that this object fell one day from the sky and since then, an endless flame surrounds it. When it ended up in Galrauch’s hands, it gave him enormous power. It seems that by focusing its power correctly, the heat it can produce is such that weapons of rare and enduring minerals can be forged. This power would be of great help to us if we could master it for other purposes.

Go with that dwarf in the tavern and make him tell you what he knows about Galrauch and what is his interest in him. Be prepared, if by any chance you know the location of Galrauch Den, go there and do your best to bring me that item.”

3. Go to Bugman in Kalanthia Island.


“Oh no, my dear brother, I can’t believe I’ll never see you again.

(Bugman looks up at you.)

Oh, hi, what are you doing there watching me? I have nothing to offer you, leave me alone. I’m the one who needs some help now.

What? What kind of help can you possibly offer me? As strong as you may be, you cannot bring my brother back from the dead. Ahh! I would like to go there and wipe out those who harmed my brother. What do you mean? Are you telling me you can do that for me?

Well, in that case listen to what I have to say. My brother and a friend set out on an exploration mission in search of new mineral veins. Apparently they went deep into what seemed to be an old mine and found a place occupied by some weird orcs. They were attacked and managed to hide for a while, my brother wrote me a last farewell letter. His friend succeeded in escaping shortly after my brother died and was able to bring the letter and the map with the location of that place. There is an entrance in the sea near here, it is the one his friend used to escape.

Well, now you know, you have made me tell you something that was none of your business, if you have honor and such power, go and avenge my brother.”

4. Go to (1)Galrauch Den, find Galrauch and get Galrauch Flame.

5. Return to Anduin.


“Wonderful. Look what an amazing and impressive item. This thing holds the power of the skies which is so elusive and hard to control and get, I could spend the rest of my life studying its nature in detail if it weren’t for the troubles we are facing.

Well, someday it will be … I guess.

Take this reward for your outstanding courage and commitment. You have been of great help to us this time. Go to Myriel and explain what happened. I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you.”

6. Report to Myriel.


“You certainly never cease to amaze me with your feats, so you have obtained the Galrauch Flame, and all by yourself. Anduin must be excited about this.

Thanks again for everything. Please come back to see me again in the future to give you new information.



1.500.000 adena

Disruption Suit Ticket

Disruption Hat

25 Silver Coins

1 Medal of Honor

(1) For more information about Galrauch Den check: Galrauch Den.

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