Chapter 6: Proof of worth

Quest: Proof of worth (lv.45+)

1. Speak with Myriel in Kalanthia Island.

Myriel location


Hello my dear friend. The aid you`ve given us these last few days is beyond words. You have certainly gained my full trust. Although you have fought fearlessly and risked your life against very powerful foes there are still enemies beyond your power, and I do fear we will soon meet them.

First things first. I know this guy named Asteroth, have you heard of him? You definitely have to visit him. Regarding weapons and equipment, he usually has the best of the best.

Don’t waste too much time. Visit him as soon as you can. Without the proper equipment, you’re not gonna get too far.

2. Go to Asteroth in Kalanthia Island.

Asteroth location


Hi! If being an adventurer is your profession, you’ve come to the right place.

But you’re no mere adventurer, are you? I`ve heard about you, you have put Morkaris to rest once and for all, haven’t you? Don’t worry, a scumbag like him deserved it.

Now, let’s get real. You will probably be facing enemies and beasts out of the worst nightmares from now on. You can’t go around with those toys you call weapons and expect to save the world. Check my inventory and find something you might like.

Listen to this advice as well my friend. Weapons and armor are great but knowing how to use them may be even greater.

Have you seen Arconte around? … you know … that freak that only talks about fighting and pride and glory? He kinda freaks me out but I think you should go talk to him if you want to enhance your combat skills, it’s the best shot you’re going to catch around here.

3. Find Arconte in Kalanthia Island.

Arconte location


“So, Asteroth sent you here. You have done well in listening to him and coming … even sometimes that disgusting old fellow can be right.

That’s just the way it is, there’s no need to tell you the great rivals you can find out there. Abyss Arena is made to push you to the limit of your skills, only this way you can become stronger. There are no shortcuts. Stay close to me, if you’re smart you might learn something.

Go to the Arena and engage in 3 fights. Be alert and make your spirit burn when you are in there. Come back to me when you’re done.”

4. Go to (1)Abyss Arena, engage 3 fights and get three Abyss combat proof.

5. Return to Arconte.


“Impressive! You are indeed someone to be considered a true fighter.

Follow your path with hard work and pride and you will achieve great things. In the meantime, take this to get closer to glory.

Tell Myriel what you have just done. Tell her every single detail, don’t be shy.”

6. Inform to Myriel.


“Hello my dear friend.

I see you didn’t waste any time. You have also gone with Arconte, excellent. Having you on our side surely gives us a breath of hope in these troubled times.

I also have a reward for your effort, take it.


280.000 adena

Abyss Helmet

25 Silver Coins

1 Medal of Honor

(1) For more information about Abyss Arena check: Abyss Arena.

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