Chapter 5: To the chasm

Quest: To the Chasm (lv.40+)

1. Speak with Myriel in Kalanthia Island.

Myriel location


“Hello my friend! Have you talked to Anduin lately? … He has some quite disturbing information that you should be aware of.”

2. Go to Anduin in Kalanthia Island.

Anduin location


“Finally you are here. I’d like to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about… but today it won’t be possible. I’m afraid we don’t have much time.

I was very careless, the signs were all over the air. The latest events involving entities from other realms and souls wandering the earth are signs of a weakening in the ethereal fabric that keeps our worlds apart. The old books I have read show who might be behind this, a hideous devil creature called Archaon who many ages ago tried to invade our plane. From his world he is shattering the wall that separates us. Unfortunately we cannot reach him by any of the usual means.

There is an ancient cult that performs sacrifices to this demon, it is likely that some of its members may have objects embedded with his demonic essence that can help us to track him through the ether and reach to him in order to stop him. The infamous Captain Morkaris comes to mind at this moment. He was a known member of this cult. I don’t know where you can find him, but I know someone who could help you, his former associate, Morghana. She is a well known smuggler in the area, anything you can use to locate the captain and take something from him to help us she can surely give it to you.”

3. Find Morgan in Kalanthia Island.

Morgan Location


“Hello traveler. What can I do for you. If I don’t have what you are looking for I can surely deliver it for the right price. Don’t be shy.

… Do you want to meet Morkaris? Haha, bringing that bastard here is something I would do myself for free if I could. How do you relate to him?

… Okay, now that’s an interesting story. I don’t know anything about magic or cursed artifacts. He was always surrounded by strange gadgets. But wait, there was something he had a special affection for, a rare coin, a gold doubloon that used to hang around his neck, he was always rubbing it and whispering nonsense words to it. Maybe that’s what you need.

You really want to go and take it from him, don’t you? Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to take him down, I’m not going to stop you. I’ll tell you where you can find him.”

4. Go to (1)Morkaris Chasm, find Captain Morkaris, kill him and get Morkaris Doubloon.

Captain Morkaris
Morkaris Location

5. Return to Anduin.


“What is this? A coin? Let me look at it.

… This item emits a mysterious and wicked essence, it’s almost as if it speaks. I think it’s not a good idea to be near it until we know exactly how to use it.

… You have done well my friend.Go to Myriel and explain to her every detail of your quest.”

6. Inform to Myriel.


“The more we dig into this the more unreal it becomes. It is unbelievable. Thanks once again for your kind and generous help my friend. Receive this, I hope it can be of use to you.”


210.000 adena

1 Mid-Grade life stone: level 46

20 Gemstone D

25 Silver Coins

1 Medal of Honor

(1) For more information about Morkaris Chasm check: Morkaris Chasm.

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