Chapter 4: Looking for information

Quest: Looking for information (lv.35+)

1. Find Myriel in Kalanthia Island.

Myriel location


Hi friend, stay a while and let’s talk.

I received a message from Lyanna Naugrim, you remember her, don’t you?

Apparently, she has received a threatening letter and has expressly requested that you should be the one to help her. I suspect that the same crooks who kidnapped her daughter are behind this.

Go to Dion and talk to Lyanna to gather more information about what happened.

2. Go to Lyanna in Dion.

Lyanna Naugrim


“Glad to see you again my friend! I need your help once again.

This morning this letter was posted on the door. The same bandits who took my daughter are threatening to hurt us if we don’t give them some rare books from my father’s old library. I have been looking for them all day with no luck.

I remember that during my father’s last years he worked many hours collecting information on some strange and dark matters, he never told me what it was about but he said that those books he wrote were perhaps the most important of all the books he had.

I also remember that a guy named Anduin spent a lot of time at home helping my father write the books. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to meet with Anduin and ask him about it?”

3. Go to Anduin in Kalanthia Island.

Anduin location


“Hi friend, stay a while and let’s talk.

Mmm… of course I know those books…  I helped Lyanna’s father to write them. We worked for months searching and analyzing information about alternative realms and gateways to other dimensions. It makes me very uneasy that someone knows about the existence of these books, in them there is dangerous information for a twisted mind.

Now listen. As you know, our world is not the only realm of existence. One theory states that there is a veil placed before our eyes for a reason. This thin fabric sometimes and for unknown reasons is teared, the transit between two planes is established, beings from both sides can easily pass through. The books that those bandits are looking for teach many things, such as how to try to open portals between planes, how to find fragile points in the substance that separates them and how to close such portals.

We do not know the purpose they are trying to achieve through the books, but it would be tragic if they fall into their hands. Luckily, we are in time to mess up their plans. At the time, I went back for the books before Lyanna’s father’s death and I persuaded him to hide them. I’m going to mark three locations on a map, each one represents a pond, at the bottom of each of these you will find a book. You must find them and bring them to me, if they know of the existence of the books we must assume that they may know their location as well, you will help me to find a new hideout for each of them.”

4. Go and find Anduin’s books.

Abandoned Well

5. Go to Anduin.


Have you found the books? Excellent, but we have another problem, it seems we have not been cautious enough, someone has been following you. Someone knows that you walked through Giran with the books and something horrible is approaching Giran in your search. This creature will destroy everything in order to find you. You should avoid it anyway. Gather other combatants and kill the beast.

6. Defeat Odul.


7. Return to Anduin.


Well done! I will need a little time to clarify the identity of this devil. In the meantime, go to Myriel and inform her of the current situation.

8. Inform to Myriel.


Your help has been of great value. Anduin and I will discuss what happened in more detail. For now, receive this reward, you deserve it.


175.000 adena

25 Silver Coins

1 Medal of Honor

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