Chapter 3: Curse of swamp

Curse of swamp (lv.30+)

1. Find Myriel in Kalanthia Island.


“Hello adventurer! I’m afraid I have nothing but bad news to tell you these days.

People are saying that the area around Execution Grounds, near Dion, is cursed. Although that zone has never been a pleasant place to spend time in, weird things have been happening lately. The last rumor I heard is that during the night the trees whisper and walk free all over the area.

I know it sounds crazy, but a priest of Dion named Lunas came to ask me for advice about these events.  I think you should visit him, if what I told you seemed strange, wait until you hear what Lunas has found out.”

2. Go to Lunas in Dion.


Greetings my friend, I was waiting for you, Myriel told me that maybe someone would come asking for further information related with Executions Grounds events.

As you may know, Executions Grounds used to be the place where criminals and enemies of the state were executed, a sad place indeed. I guess Myriel mentioned that there was something odd going on with the trees. That statement is partly true, according to my findings something that is not of this world lurks in that forest. Last night I decided to investigate a little more, I brought with me some soil from that area to extract more information from it in addition to some rituals to know the state of the ether in Executions Grounds. What I found is just amazing and frightening at the same time.

Somehow, the souls of those men and women have left their final resting home and feeling confused in some way, they made their way to the last place where they were alive. I am almost certain that some of them have remembered the way they died, even though no one has been executed in that place for a long time, the area is still littered with old and rusty objects and some of them belonged to the condemned to death for sure.

Listen to me carefully. You must head to Execution Grounds and bring to me as many of those objects as you can. They are the key, these objects have absorbed all the suffering and pain of those who once used them before they died. It seems that the trees have been possessed by those angry souls, before the situation becomes dangerous you must wipe them out and bring the objects to me so that I can purify them.

There is still the mystery of how the souls managed to cross from the other side to our world, but that will have to be answered another time.

3. Defeat Specters and get 25 Objects Bag.

4. Go back to Lunas.


“Excellent! You have brought enough items to calm the situation for a while. Now I will purify them so that they no longer serve as a beacon and attract their former owners. Please, go and inform Myriel about the job you have done in Execution Grounds, she will surely want to know what happened and if you are lucky, you might get something extra for yourself.”

5. Talk to Myriel.


Hi again my dear friend! So you’ve helped clean up the area and brought some calm. Good, please receive this reward for your effort. I have a feeling that this is not yet over, maybe Lunas told you that something strange and unknown had to happen for those spirits to roam free in the world. We must be alert to any signs.”


110.000 adena

25 Silver Coins

1 Medal of Honor

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