Chapter 2: The girl and the beast

The girl and the beast (lv.25+)

1. Find Myriel in Kalanthia Island.


“It seems that the youngest daughter of the Naugrim family has disappeared in the city of Dion. Several days have passed and no one has communicated with her mother or asked for a ransom in exchange for returning the girl. So far we only know that the trackers have expanded the search radius but they still haven’t found anything. It would be a good idea for you to go to Dion and contact her mother directly.”

2. Go with Lyanna.


“What a disgrace! We still don’t know anything about my little girl. The mayor says she was kidnapped by bandits who are only looking for ransom and easy money. They think I am crazy but I know that something evil has taken her away. Days before she was kidnapped my daughter was terrified to go out, she said there were shadows walking all over Dion, those shadows knew she could see them and whispered to her that she should not tell anyone who they were. I think whoever took her didn’t want her to see all that. The only relevant thing I can tell you, if you decide to help us, is that some dogs have tracked her to the small forest near Dion, but no one has seen anything.

“Please find my girl and finish off her kidnapper.”

3. Kill Minerva’s kidnapper, Vilcram.

4. Talk to Minerva Naugrim and go back to Dion.


My eyes are not healed yet. The beast who brought me here promised he would cure them, that’s why I came with him. You know, when I was born I couldn’t see anything and my mommy gave me some medicine. This beast told me that it was a bad medicine because it made me see ugly things and that he was going to give me a magic potion to stop seeing them. I want to go back to my mommy.

5. Talk to Lyanna.


May all blessings come to you! Thank you for bringing my daughter to my side!”

6. Speak with Myriel.


“You knew there was a reward for finding the girl, right? I talked to some good friends and they gave it to me so you could receive it. Here it is.”


62.000 adena

25 Silver Coins

1 Medal of Honor

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