Chapter 12: From the other side

From the other side (lv.75+)

1. Find Myriel in Kalanthia Island.


“Hello dear friend.

I have noticed that Anduin has been somewhat distressed lately. I am afraid that something is troubling him related to our last mission. I hope there is no bad news being so close to victory.

I would be glad if you could go talk to him and see what’s going on.”

2. Go to Anduin in Kalanthia Island.


“You have finally shown up… you know, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of you.

I’m afraid we have a situation. The files I have been reading are incomplete, at least for our purposes.

While it is true that the artifacts you have retrieved are required to locate Lord Archaon, there is nothing that would guarantee that he will cross over to our world, and it is quite clear that it would be unwise of us to go looking for him, on his ground, where he would have an overwhelming advantage.

Thankfully, there is a fairly reliable way to deal with him. Once we have moved to the designated place, we must weaken the ethereal fabric. By doing this, Lord Archaon will be visible to us for a brief time. If we are lucky, he will be surprised and forced to attack us, then we will have the chance to finish him off.

There are four items that I need for this task, these are:

To the north, near the frozen lands, there is a place conquered by evil. What was a temple of light is now only darkness. In that place you will find a being called Solina Brother. I will need 20 of his scrolls.

Near the Sea, a day’s walk from the city of Rune, there is a place that the locals call Stakato Nest. Few can get in and out alive. I will need 15 canisters filled of Cannibaslistic Stakato’s blood.

Not far from The Shillen Temple, already deep in the sea, there is an island full of saurians, monsters that seem to have come out of our worst nightmares. There you find Arachnoid. I will need 5 of his leafs.

Finally, to the north, where the roads end, there is a place among the mountains that leads to the depths of this world. It’s about Forge of Gods. A door to hell where demons and disturbed dwell. I will need the ashes of 15 Lavasaurus.”

3. Go to Monastery of Silence and get 20 Solina’s Scrolls from Solina Brother.

4. Go to Stakato Nest and get 15 Cannibalistic’s Blood from Cannibaslistic Stakato Leader.

5. Go to Primeval Isla and get 5 Arachnoid’s Leaf from Arachnoid.

6. Go to Forge of Gods and get 15 Lavasaurus Ashe from Lavasaurus.

7. Return to Anduin in Kalanthia Island.


“Excellent, with these objects and the right kind of ritual we will have the chance we need.

As I work out the necessary details, you must find other warriors to join you, I know your courage and strength, but I am afraid that this enemy is beyond your skills.

When you have found them, come talk to me, and ask me about going to Lord Archaon.”

8. Go to Lord Archaon and kill him when Anduin summons him.

“Now!, now is the time!, get him!

9. Talk with Anduin.


“I can’t believe it. You have put an end to this evil threat. This day will never be forgotten, and neither will your name.

We must return to Kalanthia. Go to Myriel and tell her about the good news as soon as you can.”

10. Inform to Myriel.


“You have shown remarkable power and iron will. I hope that now we can rest for a long time, we really deserve it, especially you.

As a last act of gratitude, I have a reward for you which I hope will be of your liking.”


5.000.000 adena

100 Silver Coins

Count Status

1 Medal of Honor

Final Lore Reward:

Once you have finished the lore you can exchange your Medals of Honor for high value items and a Disruption Skill.

Tutorial Announcemment

Go to Juliana that you will find on Kalanthia Island.


You can choose between buying TOP LIFE STONE LEVEL 78 (1x Medal of Honor) or SOUL CRYSTAL STAGE 13 (2x Medal of Honor).

Stones and Crystals

You can also choose a skill from among the Disruption Skills (9x Medal of Honor).

Disrution Skills
Arboreal LinkInstantly travel alongside Kebum on Kalanthia Island. (Reuse: 60seg.)
Sigil MoveFor 20 seconds you are invisible to other players. During this state you can’t attack or use skills. (Reuse: 180min.)
Ultimate EscapeFor 20 seconds you are immune to any attack and your speed is increased by 20%. During this state you can’t attack or use skills. (Reuse: 180min.)
Disruption Skills

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