Chapter 11: The heart stone

The heart stone (lv.70+)

1. Speak with Myriel in Kalanthia Island.


“Hello again my friend!

I have updated news for you. Our good friend Anduin told me he has some things to share with you. Please go meet him and see how can you help him.

Don’t forget to come back to explain to me how things ended up.”

2. Go to Anduin in Kalanthia Island.


“Hello fellow friend.

I’m glad you’re back, we need to talk about some matters.

As I mentioned to you in our last meeting, our goal is to recover a mighty item known as Thorgar Heart Stone. At the time when Thorgar led the temple of the ancient religion, his spiritual power was embedded within this artifact. This power as far as we know must still remain inside the stone, even better, I suspect that it may be hidden somewhere in the temple ruins. That is why we are so interested in knowing the temple location.

Well, it looks like Deckard has finished crafting the compass but …. mmm … there are a couple of things to keep in mind first. I think Deckard is more qualified to explain it to you in more detail. Go to him as soon as you can.”

3. Find Deckard in Kalanthia Island Temple.


“Hurry, please listen to what I have to tell you.

Anduin should have told you by now that I have completed making the compass. Well, there’s something you should know so you can be prepared. I wanted to check that the compass was working so I felt brave enough to see if it would lead me to Thorgar’s temple. I have to tell you that the compass works just fine, take it, I found the temple and lurked around a bit and I have seen unspeakable monsters.

Apparently that rare mineral found inside the stones of the temple has morphed all those who were crushed when the temple collapsed, including Thorgar and his followers. They didn’t die back then as far as I could tell, they have merged with the stones of the temple and it seems to have made them look very scary and extremely strong.

I’m afraid that what was an archaeological assignment has turned into a mission against those mutant beasts. You will have to identify Thorgar among those creatures and take the Thorgar Heart Stone. When you have done it, go to Anduin and give it to him. I’m afraid a weak old man like me has done all he can up to this point.

By last, I know that your task is already dangerous indeed but I need to ask you something. All of Thorgar’s acolytes have a right to rest in peace. We must do what we can to restore the good. Bring me a personal item that all the acolytes owned called Thorgar Medal. With this object I will be able to give peace to their souls. Thanks again.

Good luck and farewell.”

4. Go to (1)Thorgar Temple and get 50 Thorgar Medal and Thorgar’s Heart Stone.

5. Return to Deckard.


“Oh! Fantastic. Thank you. I can give peace to their souls now. May your path always be illuminated! You also got the Thorgar Heart Stone? Great! Go, run. Anduin is eager to get his hands on it.


6. Go to Anduin.


“Wonderful! We have the Thorgar Heart Stone. This is the last piece we need to complete the final part of our mission.

These artifacts that you have found and brought to me are powerful objects that by themselves can be used to achieve unbelievable feats. But, together and synchronized their power can reach unknown limits.

According to the old books you brought me earlier with these objects and some experiments we should be able to reach the plane where Archaon is located.

I think I can make it if you give me enough time. The worst that can happen though is, that someone from the other-side might sense that we are trying to open a portal and attack us first, or blow up the entire island of Kalanthia.

My friend, we are getting closer and closer to achieving our goal.

Go to Myriel and quickly let her know.”

7. Inform to Myriel.


“You certainly are an amazing warrior. You make everything look so easy. I am grateful that you stand with us in this fight.

Receive this reward, it is little for you without a doubt, but it’ s something.”


2.500.000 adena

Disruption Weapon Skin Ticket

200 Silver Coins

1 Medal of Honor

(1) For more information about Thorgar Temple check: Thorgar Temple.

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