Chapter 1: Harvest season

Harvest Season (lv.20+)

1. Find Myriel in Kalanthia Island.


“I have heard about strange events that have been happening in Gludio for some weeks now. The people of the town are terrified. Some swear they have been attacked by “specters” near Gludio walls, especially at nightfall. I usually ignore this kind of stories from townspeople, but it has come to my attention that something unusual happened in Gludio around the same time that the so-called attacks began.

A well-known physician named Dexio, famous for treating and saving the lives of patients with rare and unknown diseases, has achieved something miraculous, even for him. A group of explorers, friends of mine, were attacked a month ago by a huge swarm of purple wasps, they managed to reach Gludio barely alive. I know well the toxicity of those disgusting bugs, there is no way for anyone to survive more than two days after being attacked like that. They were treated by Dexio for four days, by the fifth day they felt perfectly fine.

Well, it turns out that some of them have died in somewhat mysterious circumstances. According to the people of Gludio, the specters haunting the city are to blame. If you ask me, I think our friend Dexio knows something else. There is a mystery surrounding this and you could be of great help if you go to Gludio to see what’s going on.”

2. Find Dexio in Gludio town.


Oh what a mess I’ve made, I’m doomed! You’ve heard the rumors, haven’t you? It’s true, evil roams this city and I’m to blame!

It’s not just mere ghosts haunting the streets of Gludio, it’s more than that! I don’t want to give too many explanations but let’s just say I know how to cheat death. Something horrible has come to claim the souls marked to leave this world that I took from it. Not only that, this beast is also looking for the one responsible for this trickery.

It is not these specters what I fear the most. I know how to elude them. But the one who will soon arrive sees everything and it makes no sense for me to escape, he would find me sooner or later. I have to fight him, would you help me?

Look, those ghosts that people talk about are specters in charge of escorting the souls of those who die to the other side. Don’t ask me why I know that, just trust me. They are not usually aggressive but now they are taking by force those souls marked for leaving this world and are still here. This is why these unexplained deaths are happening.

At any moment a being called Odul will appear. He is the one who has control over these wraiths and will show no mercy to anyone in Gludio. Don’t try to defeat him, you won’t be able to. But if you kill 40 of these wraiths Odul will lose his power to stay on this plane.

Help me to defeat them and you will get 25.000 Adenas and 25 silver coins as a reward for your bravery.”

3. Defeat Specters and get 40 souls.


“You have saved my life, warrior. I just want to tell you one thing. Odul will not forget your face and this defeat. He might come back another time, so be careful.”

4. Come back to Myriel.


“I’ve heard all kinds of stories from all over the world, but what you just did in Gludio deserves this.”


32.000 adena

25 Silver Coins

1 Medal of Honor

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